FK190, ELECTRONIC ESIIMSI, 랜덤 숫자 발생 키트
판매가격 : 16,500
적립금 :40
제품코드 :27146
제조사 :FutureKIT-FK190
반/완제품 :
총 금액 :

This operation of CODE 190 is the random number circuit. It works similar to the esiimsi.

But use the push of a bottom to display numbers and sound. Instead of shaking wood.

This circuit is suitable for the esiimsi electronic in the temple.


Technical Specifications

     - Power supply : 3VDC.
     - Working current consumption : 25mA. max.
     - Standby current consumption : 6mA. max. (display on)
     - Standby current consumption : 0.01mA. max. (display off)
     - Can be select for random the number from 1 to 99.
     - PCB dimensions : 1.87 x 3.42 inch.