FK1321, DOOR BELL 8 SOUND, 8가지 초인종 소리 재생기
판매가격 : 14,000
적립금 :40
제품코드 :27292
제조사 :FutureKIT-FK1321
구매수량 :
총 금액 :

The 8-doorbell sound of the FK1321 was programmed by using the IC OTP type (One-Time Programmable).

This circuit can make louder sound by connecting with the amplifier FK1301. It is suitable for toy, novelty and entertainment applications.

Technical Specification

  • Power supply : 3-5VDC.
  • Consumption : 0mA. (standby), 150mA. (working).
  • Using FK1301 as an amplifier.
  • PCB dimensions : 1.82 in. x 2.23 in. / 46.3mm x 56.6mm